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A simple tool to track your Working Time and manage Work Shifts.Badge helps with access control entry points (entrances and exits) as your Barcode Label card.
The application stores all access data (Check-Ins and Check-Outs), has internal clock that can be synchronized with the clock on your work.
Badge remind you if you suddenly forget to do Check-In or Check-Out, count Worked and Overtime hours, build Graphics and Share Reports.
You can use Badge like a barcode generator, Work Shifts Calendar with simple and intuitive setup.
App supports Work Shifts Management with 2-weeks rotation.
★ WORK SHIFTS manager★ GRAPHIC REPORTS★ GENERATING of barcodes (look supported barcode formats below)★ Barcodes SHARING★ Saving, Modification, Deleting of Signs In★ NOTIFICATIONS with sound and/or vibration★ CLOCK (can be synchronized with the clock on your work)★ COMPUTING of worked hours★ COMPUTING of overtime★ SHARING reports as .CSV file★ STORING of your barcodes★ BACKUP/RESTORE of your data★ COMPENSATIONS CALCULATOR★ WIDGET
NOTES: This paid version is ad-free and allows you to select history month.
Supported barcode formats:
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If you have any questions or ideas please email us.
Tags: barcode generator, barcode clone, work hours tracker, work shifts, shifts calendar